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Soup Kitchen

What We Do

We curate the most impactful ways to revolutionize a cause area

By connecting companies, charities, and everyday people in one coordinated movement

In a way that is simple, engaging, actionable, and personalized

Who We Serve

Discover Your Way to Make Your Difference
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Get your teams more connected to your mission

  • Re-enforce company values within your team, customers, and partners

  • Leverage company time, money, and human capital to make the most effective, most impactful contribution to a cause

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Inject fresh enthusiam that expands your capacity to serve your cause 

  • Find creative ways to engage current and new audiences to support your work

  • Collaborate with other charities and community groups to holistically solve the world's problems

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Turn your personal intention to make a difference into tangible good

  • Feel confident that your resources will enact real and effective positive change 

  • Find joy and fulfillment in the way you're contributing to a better world

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